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The Wilderness Park is a 16,000-acre wildlife preserve. It is part of the Florida Wildlife Commissions's Great Florida Birding & Wildlife Trail and was recognized by the Florida Wildlife Viewing Guide as one of the best places to view wildlife in Florida and is one of Hillsborough County's jewels.

Canoe Escape's Self-Guided, Downstream Wilderness Park trips are divided naturally into three different two-hour sections that can be taken individually or in combination. Small county parks with picnic tables and restrooms are conveniently located each two hours' paddling time apart. The river in this area is flatwater with generally a one-half to one mile per hour current. The approximated paddling times are at a leisurely pace. Our latest launch for a 2-hour trip is 2:00 p.m.; for a 4-hour trip is noon; and for a 6-hour trip is 10:00 a.m. You are welcome to take as much additional time as you like on any of our downstream trips however our last pickup is 5:00 p.m., no exceptions! At the launch site you will be asked to schedule a time that you would like to be picked up.


All of our downstream trips require transportation in our vans. You MUST be wearing a facemask AT ALL TIMES while in our vans, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are not comfortable wearing a mask or sharing the van with up to 14 people, you may make arrangements for alternate transportation or do our hourly out and back rental, which does not require transportation.

Reservations strongly recommended.

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