$25.00 + sales tax for 2-5 boats

$20.00 + sales tax for 6 boats or more

Welcome paddling clubs! Whether this is your first time experiencing the HIllsborough River, or you are a repeat paddler, it's always fun to have some friends along for the trip. You can read all about the different downstream trips we offer under our "Downstream Trips" tab. We always encourage giving us a call to reserve a time that your paddling club would like to use our services. This enables us to know exactly what you're looking for and let you know what options would be best for your group. If you have club members or friends of a club member who need to rent a boat, have them contact us directly. Please advise them as to what trip your club is doing and the name of you paddling club.

Reservations Strongly Recommended

Roseate Spoonbill