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'gators Gator on a log...But what about alligators?
This is the number one question we're asked at Canoe Escape by visitors to Florida.

Alligators are a real curiosity to see. They are a reclusive reptile. Usually you see them sunning on a log or on the bank. Occasionally you see them swimming. If you paddle too close to them, their instinct is to go under the water to hide. Under ordinary circumstances alligators don't attack canoes or kayaks. In fact in the over eighteen years Canoe Escape has been in business, this has not happened. You should always respect the ecosystem you are in however. The Wilderness Park is a cypress swamp and the alligator's home. Therefore, this is not a swimming-type canoe trip. It is a wildlife observation trip. We like to tell our paddlers that after they see their first half-dozen alligators it's no big deal. All joking aside though, anytime you are entering any wilderness area whether it's to paddle, hike, bike, or horseback ride, it's important to understand the risks, weigh them against the potential rewards, and make an informed decision. We are fortunate that so many folks choose Canoe Escape to get a closeup view of Florida's unique wildlife.

Please remember: Alligators are a protected species in Florida. It is against the law to feed or molest them.

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