Canoe Escape 2020 COVID-19 Protocols

Thank you for planning an outing with Canoe Escape to see and explore the Hillsborough River. Canoe Escape closed March 12, 2020 due to losing access to the river with closures. We have put this plan together which goes into effect on our reopening Nov 20, 2020. Many things about our operation have changed, some due to COVID-19 and other things because we have redone much of our infrastructure while closed.


We understand that there are many mixed feelings about mask rules and laws, however some Canoe Escape staffers have family members that are considered high risk if they get COVID-19. We are asking everyone to help us keep our loved ones safe. Even if you do not believe in masks, please respect our decision on this. We are not fear mongers here at Canoe Escape we just simply want to look out for our loved ones, while taking care of you and your loved ones.

We REQUIRE the use of facemasks while in our vehicles or concession trailer. If you do not have a mask you cannot get on our bus. If you have lost your mask, we will have masks available on the bus for minimal cost. If for some reason you cannot or will not wear a mask, then please book an hourly rental which does not require transportation. You can also shuttle yourselves and park another car at the end of your trip. If you choose to shuttle yourselves, please notate that


Going Touchless

We have launched a new online reservation system which is going to help us go almost touchless. We are encouraging everyone to make reservations, pay and fill out the waivers before you come to Canoe Escape. This will not only help us get everyone on the water more efficiently, but it will help us minimize physical contact and allow social distancing. When you check in or if you are a “walk in”, we will be using the check in window on our concession trailer to service you.

Coming Inside

Inside our concession trailer we do have merchandise, snacks, drinks etc. for sale. If you need to come in you must wear a face mask. We limit one reservation party at a time in our office due the small size of our concession trailer.


Social Distancing

While you are in the park waiting to go on your trip down the river, we will set distance markers on busy days for you to wait with your party between our concession trailer and gear shed. We will also have them between the gear shed and the launch site. Please stick to those markers so we can work with your party efficiently to get you on the water.


Cancelling if you are sick

If for any reason yourself or someone in your reservation is feeling sick or has a temp over 100.4 please cancel your reservation. We will not penalize you. Our online reservation system allows you to cancel up to 30 minutes before your trip time (for reservations of less than 8 boats). There is no reason to fear losing your deposit. We have specifically chosen this cancellation policy because we do not want anyone to feel that they have to come while sick or lose their deposit. If your reservation is for 8 or more boats, we will reschedule your trip at your convenience if you are inside the 48hr cancellation window, if you cannot make it due to illness.

Canoe Escape staff will be operating with the following guidelines.

  • Staff with any COVID-19 type illness symptoms or a Temperature of 100.4 will not to come to work.

  • We will do as we have always done, clean all canoe and kayak equipment in between each use.

  • If a customer needs to use our tablet to sign in, we will use a Clorox wipes or similar between uses. We will have hand sanitizer at check in also.

  • Staff will use a spray solution on seats in our vehicles between pickups. We will have hand sanitizer onboard our vehicles if you need it.

  • Staff will wear a mask while in vehicles, outfitting gear and actively launching. During those times staff will sometimes not be able to maintain a social distance from you. There are times we have to stand closer in order to fit life jackets, size paddles, adjust kayak foot braces etc. However, we will do our best to maintain social distance while getting you outfitted and launched.



Thank you for choosing us and taking the time to read and follow these guidelines. Health and safety is our highest priority. If you have any questions or concerns please call or email us. We are happy to discuss or review any aspect of our COVID-19 plan, or your needs and concerns. As time goes on this policy may change Please review in between each visit.

Brian Faulk

Canoe Escape.