• Shuttle rates do not include park's $2.00 per car parking fee.

  • Shuttle rates do not include 8.5% sales tax.

  • Rates subject to change without notice.

  • Major credit cards accepted.

  • Shuttle back to John B. Sargeant Park and river map is included in shuttle rate.

  • Reservations strongly recommended.

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$35.00 + tax (Trips 1-6)

If you own your own canoe or kayak and don't want to do a 2-car shuttle or paddle back upstream, try using Canoe Escape's friendly, full-service shuttle. You can do a 2, 4, or 6-hour trip and take as long as you would like up till 5:00 p.m. for the same price. We will pick you up at the end of your downstream trip, bring you back to your car, and even wash your boat at the end. Check out our discounts for shuttle owners listed below.


Save $10 on your shuttle by bringing someone to rent a boat for a self-guided, downstream trip at the same time we are shuttling yours. The shuttle discount is one to one. One discounted shuttle per one self-guided, downstream boat rental. Examples: 2 shuttles/ 1 rental = one full price shuttle, one discounted shuttle. 2 shuttles/2 rentals = two discounted shuttles.


If you are paddling two solo, plastic kayaks, that can be loaded on our trailer on one bar, each kayak will receive a $10 discount. Please let us know at check in.

($10 discounts may not be combined for a larger discount.)

All of our downstream trips require transportation in our vans. You MUST be wearing a facemask AT ALL TIMES while in our vans, NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are not comfortable wearing a mask or sharing the van with up to 14 people, you may make arrangements for alternate transportation or do our hourly out and back rental, which does not require transportation.

Reservations strongly recommended

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